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June 18, 2011

Answering "I don't know" on the Internet....

This is something that I'm sure most people have noticed, and it's something I've witnessed hundreds of times but it never actually bothered me...until recently. I've been looking up a lot of questions on google and it has been frustrating me to a small degree. Why, when faced with a question on a forum thread or yahoo answers etc., do some people choose to answer "I don't know"?

This is the internet; the questions are never directed at anyone in particular. They are just seeking an answer. Why take the effort to post up a completely useless and irrelevant "I don't know" when you have absolutely no reason to? If it were real life, and someone directed a question at you and a few other people, you could quietly answer "I dunno". But again, this is the internet. Nobody asked you, and your answer takes up space and becomes virtually permanent.

Imagine a classroom filled with people. The teacher asks a question to the class, and a random person raises his hand. That person is picked out of everyone else, and he answers "I don't know". THAT'S exactly what this whole thing would look like in real life! Isn't that just ridiculous? For god sakes! I guess some people on forums are just looking to increase their post count, but seriously, stop that shit. It's fucking obnoxious.


  1. good point, i've never noticed that... i hate when searching for something and the answers below is completely out of topic >__>

  2. I once asked a Zen master what the meaning of life is.

    He answered, "I have no idea."

    Saying "I don't know" speaks infinity.

    1. That's really not the point though. You asked HIM a question, and he answered. My point is that people who don't need to say anything answer with a completely useless response.

    2. I don't know why they do that.

    3. I see what you did there