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February 18, 2012

Dog Meat is Not Korean Traditional Food

If you don't know by now, I'm Korean. If there is any negative stereotype Koreans are known for, it is that they eat dog meat. Now, is this some sort of elaborate lie? Of course not; it's absolutely true. I remember walking through a street market when I was a kid, and there were slaughtered dogs ready to be sold. What you have to understand though, is that dog meat is NOT a common food. Just because it exists, doesn't mean people consume it regularly. Saying "all Koreans eat dogs" is like saying "all Americans are Latino gang members". Nowadays, it's just as unpopular in Korea as it is in any country in the world, mostly due to the younger generation being used to keeping dogs as pets.

Anyway, the only reason I'm bringing this up is because I am sick and tired of hearing ignorant, narrow-minded people complaining about how people consume dog meat. There is simply no valid reason for why anyone would be against it. I don't care what your beliefs are; nothing is "right" if it's completely clouded in bias. Let me explain to you why it's foolish to chastise people for eating dogs.

In the past, meat (and food in general) was incredibly scarce in Korea. My parents and most of my friend's parents grew up poor and starving. When you live in that sort of condition, how can you possibly afford to be picky? Most families were lucky to have a piece of meat each year. That is why Koreans started eating dogs. It wasn't present-day USA; cows and pigs weren't everywhere. They had to eat whatever they could find. This also explains why Chinese people are known for eating all sorts of "weird" things. Do you really think starving people get to choose what they eat? If that's the case, then you are in desperate need of a reality check.

If you're one of those people that look down on others simply because you don't like the idea of eating dog, then you are also incredibly ignorant (a huge majority of people hate dog consumption for this reason, sadly). "Oh my god, how can you eat dogs? That's so cruel", they say, as they munch on their chicken salad. You really have to ask yourself: what sets dogs apart from other animals? What makes dogs so much more deserving of compassion? People eat pigs and cows and chickens all day every day, but when it's a dog, suddenly it's the worst thing in the world.

Do you know why you hate the idea of eating dogs? Because they're cute, and you're used to petting them and keeping them as companions. That is the ONLY reason. It's a personal and cultural bias. If it was normal for society to keep chickens as household pets, we would all be grossed out about eating chickens. It's as simple as that. Western society has this horrible habit of thinking they are the pinnacle of humanity, so it is only natural for them to look down on other cultures for doing things that they are not used to. "But some things are just morally wrong!" Really? I'm not even going to explain why that is an idiotic thing to say.

You might be thinking, "Alright, maybe it was okay a long time ago because people were starving, but why continue to eat them?" Well, I answered that question earlier. People DON'T eat dogs these days. You'd have to look really hard, in very particular areas of South Korea to find any sellers of dog meat. So please, enough with the ignorance. There is simply no excuse for speaking out against something you don't understand.


  1. Ahhh...
    So true indeed.
    I'm a Chinese and had the same experience, people just keeps saying things about eating 'pets' are cruel and brutal.
    All my views are stated in this post.
    I really want to thanks you spending time writing this articles.
    And I'm sharing it on my facebook page.

  2. I agreee with you im white and i want to try dog just for the sake of it my dad who was in the military told me dog is good i have a dog and cats but if im starving its chow time
    Hell i dont even like the idea of eaying any sort of meat if im near the creature im eating
    Funny truth my friend has chicken pets and wont eat chicken

  3. I am one of those people who rally against the whole dog meat issue but I do not think for one minute that all Koreans eat dog meat. I actually went vegan because of what I witnessed and discovered about the dog meat industry in Vietnam as I was not going to be a hypocrite and preach against eating dog when I eat meat. Everyone is guilty of being ignorant for something and I remained ignorant to the way animals are treated and slaughtered... I was happy to eat the meat but didn't want to know what happened before it ended up on my plate. After travelling I witnessed animal slaughter first hand and could no longer turn a blind eye and had to stand up for what I believed in. I totally agree that people cannot preach about dog meat when they eat other meat... I love all animals and a life is a life so shouldn't matter. The real issue here is the way the animals are treated for this trade. Their transportation, their handling, their torture and inhumane slaughter. This is morally wrong and just shouldn't be happening in this day and age... to any animal.... and it doesn't matter if it is not common anymore because the fact remains that animals are still treated horrendously, no matter how big the trade is. No animal should have to endure pain and torture and it physically hurts me to think that this happens day in and day out in all parts of the world. If people want to eat meat then fine but I feel everyone has a duty to protect animals as they cannot protect themselves and no human being should purposely inflict pain on another living creature.. ever! Transportation, storage, handling, slaughter should be humane!

    1. Totally understand and agree. Rallying against consuming certain types of meat is just a baseless cause, but improving the standards of the treatment of animals prepared for consumption is definitely something that can understandably be supported.

  4. I am Chinese and I know not all Korean and Chinese people eat dogs and cats, and saying when it was war there was nothing to eat, so they turn to dogs, cats, rats etc and in some extreme cases human being. But it is the way you KILL the dog or cat, first it is living in hell, cramped and packed up on each other, torturing, boiling, blow torching it, skinning it alive, as they think when the dog or cat is at its highest level of being scared, the the Meat is more tender and better to eat !!!!!Yes maybe if it was kill quickly and humanly and the animal does not suffer or feel a thing, then we will not be now so much hated across the world ! And today they DO NOT NEED TO EAT DOGS OR CATS to survive.