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December 26, 2012

Gun Advocates are Delusional

The U.S. is still shaken by the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, which took place on December 14, 2012. It involved a lone gunman who shot and killed 20 elementary-aged children and 6 staff members at a Connecticut elementary school. The impact of this incident was enormous, which is why the nation is still shocked and confused. The main thing that this tragedy stirred up was the inevitable gun-control debate. Quite frankly, I find it amazing that we're still having this debate as a nation. We've faced nothing but senseless innocent death day after day, yet we still feel inclined to give people the right to own guns. It's ridiculous.

But you know what left me absolutely speechless?

The NRA's suggestion to station armed guards at every school. Because that's what our children need, right? A military presence at their fun-filled schools! Honestly, I don't see the NRA as a legitimate organization anymore, and I don't think they take themselves seriously either. I think they've faced so much opposition that they've gone insane. That's whats making them spew ignorant crap like this.

Here is the sad truth about the NRA and gun supporters in general. They simply do not care about public safety. Every time they suggest that guns could help protect people, they are merely giving excuses to maintain their public image. They know that guns do more harm than good, but they are too concerned with their own interests to care. Ultimately, it is all about their hopeless love for firearms. It's a culturally rooted, unconditional love, which is why gun lovers are so persistent despite the murders that occur too often in this country. The Second Amendment has its roots in the American Revolution, when every colonist was still fighting for independence. Is it, thus, relevant in this day and age, when the U.S. is unmatched in military dominance? Is it so worthy of protecting when our children are unsafe at their own schools?

People can argue and defend their right to bear arms all day, but nothing can change the fact that gun-related incidents happen way too often. It's true that many gun enthusiasts never end up harming anyone with their weapons. However, while they are enjoying their "hobby", people like Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech Shooter) are getting ridiculously easy access to firearms. That's the issue here. Can gun lovers just sacrifice a little bit of their freedom to shoot things so twenty 6 year old's can live? Is that such a problem?

The final thing I want to discuss is the various arguments gun lovers use to support firearms. First of all, the ever common "Guns don't kill people, people kill people" argument makes absolutely no sense. Yes, guns don't magically pull their own triggers, but they sure do make it easy for murderers to kill A LOT of people. An incident in China occurred around the same time as the Sandy Hook school shooting. A man wielding a knife slashed and injured 22 children at an elementary school. Both incidents are eerily similar, but the big difference is that no one was killed in the incident in China. Can you still argue that guns aren't a problem at this point? Do you really believe that the Aurora movie theater shooter could have killed nearly as many people, waving a knife around? Of course not; it's absolutely idiotic to think so.

Some people defend the right to protect their families with guns. Hey, how about we get rid of guns entirely so we don't have to fend off gun wielders with guns. Why create the vicious cycle? I just can't get myself to understand it. In the end, we can't stop people from killing other people. However, we can significantly reduce the damage done by getting rid of these incredibly efficient murder weapons. When you think about it, the Second Amendment only helps NRA card-holders enjoy their hobby. It's criminal that we are allowing innocent people to die so that a small group of people can have fun.

The U.S. seriously needs to initiate some sort of reform, to either limit or ban firearms entirely. I really don't enjoy being afraid to get shot while watching a movie. I really, really don't.


  1. Very well said! Can you believe that the far right has also suggested having principals and teachers carry firearms as well? These people are f***ing crazy!!!

    1. Yes, that was the other most common suggestion made by the gun lovers. I didn't get to discuss this, but this suggestion is also incredibly idiotic and delusional. Does nobody think about the consequences of arming civilians? Unless they require a mandatory period of firearm training, how is, let's say, a 50-year old elementary teacher, supposed to use a gun properly? Can you imagine the injuries caused by misfiring? Arming our teachers is one of the craziest ideas I've ever heard.

  2. imagine you live in a city, in witch people, die by the hundreds every day, there is ban on fire arms, most people cant legally own one, but then again, those that that kill and mug people do, most even have way better weapons than the police, my question is wouldnt it deter better those people if every one was armed?, if mugging someone was really a risk on the mugger?

    1. The U.S. has some of the worst violent crime rates in the developed world, and it also has THE highest rate of gun ownership. So no, I don't think it's deterring would-be criminals...

  3. You might want to look at global statistics. Numbers don't lie. No guns equal higher violent crime rate.