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December 31, 2012

"I'll Pray For You"

"I'll pray for you". If you are surrounded by enough Christians (or go to church), you've probably heard this sentence uttered countless times. Now, this isn't a post about religion. Rather, it's a post about people and their social habits. You see, whenever someone claims that they'll pray for you, they're really just trying to avoid the situation altogether. It's kind of the equivalent of saying "Alright....well good luck with that!" The picture really explains it all. Whoever bothers saying "I'll pray for you" simply doesn't care. They don't care enough to actually do something to help, so they just try to get away with pretending like they care.

Obviously, there might be an occasional person that actually does end up keeping you in their thoughts, but how often does this actually happen? I'd rather have them put some actual effort into helping me. I guess this is what you would call an empty promise. It's like when someone says, "Just let me know if you ever need something". They don't actually want you to bother them, and they definitely don't want to do anything for you. It's an empty gesture.

Maybe it's just simple etiquette and I shouldn't be complaining, but I find the whole thing completely disingenuous. Nothing bothers me more than people who are fake, so obviously it irks me when someone says "I'll pray for you", only to do absolutely nothing forever. If you're going to say anything, just say "I hope it works out". Say something meaningless rather than lie. Trust me, it's the right thing to do. Maybe... What. Hot dogs.
December 26, 2012

Gun Advocates are Delusional

The U.S. is still shaken by the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, which took place on December 14, 2012. It involved a lone gunman who shot and killed 20 elementary-aged children and 6 staff members at a Connecticut elementary school. The impact of this incident was enormous, which is why the nation is still shocked and confused. The main thing that this tragedy stirred up was the inevitable gun-control debate. Quite frankly, I find it amazing that we're still having this debate as a nation. We've faced nothing but senseless innocent death day after day, yet we still feel inclined to give people the right to own guns. It's ridiculous.

But you know what left me absolutely speechless?