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January 25, 2013

Not Dressed for Winter

It's currently 20 degrees Fahrenheit. My college campus is up on pretty high hills, so it feels closer to 10 degrees. It's so cold that my face hurts. just freaking hurts. A lot. No amount of bundling up seems to be enough to stop this blistering pain.

So I'm walking, and everybody is covered in parkas, scarves, and hats. Then there's that one guy who's wearing a T-SHIRT. I see this constantly. My question is, what is wrong with these people? Do they have super-human abilities? Are they poor? Is that why they don't have a jacket on? It's a college campus, these kids have parents. There is no way that money is an issue.

Therefore, the question is still in the air. Why do these people choose not to dress appropriately for winter? It's really just beyond me, and I haven't been able to understand for years... 


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